Designing Innovative Curricula: Starpoint High School Business Department

Welcome to your new wikispace : )
This is a place where we can capture the work you've done so far, gather and share interesting resources, and connect with others who might inform your planning and learning and teaching!

The Strategic Plan for Our Work Together is Right Here:

The Endorsements and Course Offerings for HS Students Beginning 2010-2011 is Here:

New Courses are Grounded in Inquiry Work and Embed the Big 6 Model. Information for Those Who Haven't Been a Part of the Work:

Project, Problem, and Inquiry-Based Learning
The Basics: What Does the Big 6 Process Entail?
Online Resources to Explore the Big 6 IT Process

We're Beginning to Design Your New Courses. Here is our Warm Up Template for the November 9th Session:

A Resource That Can Help Us Integrate Technology in Meaningful and Purposeful Ways:

  • Which tools align with the tasks you've developed? Which will enable you to measure student progress toward your outcomes best?
  • How can you invite students to integrate their use in meaningful ways?
  • What do you need to know and do?
  • What do they need to learn and apply?
  • How can you learn from them as they go?

Laying a Basic Foundation for our Learning Together:

What is Social Entrepreneurship? Explore The New Heroes

What is a PLN? How Can You Create One? Sue Waters Can Get You Started

What Does Social Media Marketing entail?