Critical Thinking and Inquiry-Based Learning

This space provides resources for teachers who are beginning to support critical thinking and inquiry-based learning in any content area. Choose those that interest you most, and consider joining this space and adding the resources that you find to be of value as well.

Critical Thinking Requires Learners to Engage in Inquiry, Construct Theories, Analyze Findings, Solve Problems, and Evaluate Results Using Relevant Tools. What Does This Look Like??

When we think about thinking, we think about Benjamin Bloom's Taxonomy. Is his work still relevant in this day and age? This article can guide a conversation about that.
This resource enables deeper learning and work. This wiki will take your study even further. Many thanks to Andrew Churches for opening his work so that others may learn from him.

Project-based learning is often at the heart of classrooms that are grounded in critical thought and inquiry. Jennifer Carrier Dorman shares a wealth of resources for exploration of PBL here.